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406                                LIFE  OF
depth of feeling "wMcli no one had suspected In this
apparently cold soul, and from his penetrating reason.
And while HmnboLlt enriched the intellectual life
of the metropolis by his presence^ lie was also enabled
to take a part- in those intellectual, artistic, and social
enjcyrnexitSy for wMcli, among all German towns,
Berlin was so eminent. Much of what was there
united had been partly founded "by his assistance., or
by him to the eminence on which it stood.
Take alone the university- which lie had founded !
He could already rejoice oTer the rich fruits of the
harvest lie had planted.
Towards the end of May, IS203 Madame von Hum-
boldt went through Dresden to Toplitz, and thence to
Burgorner. Her husband remained in Berlin a little
longer. On the 29th of June, he delivered Ms first
address in the Academy of Sciences in Berlin. He
read an important treatise on "comparative philology
as relating to the                           of pMlologic de-
velopment."    "When this           was publicly read in
the meeting, on the 3rd of August, in honour of the
Mug's birthday., lie had                departed,          Pro-
fessor Buttmann read it in his stead. [During the
same year, Huinboldt was elected honorary member
of the Society of Arts in Berlin.
The year 1821  commenced          a
event for the family ; Gabxiele's betrothed^ Frelherr
vcm Billow^ returned from London,          having for
years managed, the             of                       there.
He now entered the ministry of foreign affairs as
privy OTumeillor of legation,,           was particularly
active in the department of commerce, On the 1 Oth
of January, Ms                 with. Sraxiboldt's youngest
daughter         celebrated.    It          have been gratify-
ing to all                      now, when he         intimately
connected with         "HwmbnMt family, lie was able to
some years in Berlin.
On the 12th April, 1821, Huznboldt read an
*c Qs        Task of the                 ;*         after this period
Ibp         a           once at          every year to this scien-